Conservation Projects

In Fly dreamers we believe that it is important to take take action when it comes to preserving water resources and nature in general. In this section we share the projects that we support so you can collaborate with them as well.

Conservation Projects

Save The Chimehuin River

The famed Chimehuin River is one of the legendary classics of Patagonia. Its pristine waters that flow from the Andes have been gin-clear and clean from the very beginning of time. It is undoubtedly one of the most important waterways in Argentina. The fabled waters of the Chimehuin and its trou... View More

Conservation Project Grupo Los Espinillos

A group of fly fishermen on the Río de los Espinillos River, in the Argentine province of Córdoba, has dedicated the last 24 years to conserving a portion of this magnificent rainbow trout fishery. Fly fishing is the way they nurture their love of nature. Thanks to their efforts, today the river h... View More

El Impenetrable National Park

During 2014, a bill regarding a project for the creation of a new National Park in Argentina was passed. The park, located in the northern provinces of the country, was to be called El Impenetrable and the bill was approved after numerous actions had taken place. This is how 120000 hectares of endan... View More

Dams On The Santa Cruz River

The Santa Cruz river, located in southern Patagonia in Argentina, is born from the Lago Argentino and carries the glacial water from Los Glaciares National Park. It flows through the plateau until reaching the Atlantic Ocean, where it pours its waters. The Santa Cruz and its valley are a sanctuary o... View More

River Cleanups

The growth in the numbers of anglers and tourists visiting wild environments results in a larger amount of trash on the rivers, lakes, forests and other natural habitats. The lack of education and also the negligence of some fishermen and tourists are the usual causes of this mounting problem. View More

Lawqa - Let's make the park a park again

The "Lauca" World Biosphere Reserve is a unique biodiversity zone on the planet. Located in the highlands of Chile, next to the border with Bolivia, it is being contaminated by abandoned mining tailings and destroyed by the unchecked exploitation of the borax mining industry that threatens its natur... View More

Save Bristol Bay

In southwest Alaska, rivers, lakes, and wetlands combine to provide some of the best wild salmon habitats on earth. An hour-and-a-half flight from Anchorage, the Bristol Bay watershed, is nestled between two national parks (Katmai and Lake Clark), and the nation's largest state park. The area hosts ... View More

Save the Blue Heart of Europe

For many years it has been the secret knowledge of “insiders” – riverine communities, a few NGO representatives, fly fishers, kayakists: the Blue Heart of Europe beats on the Balkan Peninsula. Nowhere else on the continent can one find such a tremendous number and variety of pristine, wild riv... View More