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Clouser Minnow

For those who get the chance of fishing in tropical seas, the Clouser Minnow (by Bob Clouser) is a sure classic in their fly boxes.It’s one of the best flies for bonefish and other saltwater species. It is usually tied with deer hair in color combinations such as white and chartreuse, pink, pale b View more...
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Clouser Minnow
List of materials
MATERIALSHook: TMC 811S or similar.Thread: Poly stretch, 3/0 or 6/0, depending onthe color of the fly.Eyes: painted bead chain or lead eyes.Tail: a strap of bucktail hair. Wing: Crystal Flash or Flashabou and anotherstrap of bucktail hair.

Step 1

Tie the eyes a bit far off the hook eye and apply super glue so that the eyes don’t roll over.

Fly tying - Clouser Minnow - Step 1

Step 2

Tie a strap of bucktail over the hook shank. Then shape the body evenly with the thread. Coating the body is a good way to prevent it from tearing.

Fly tying - Clouser Minnow - Step 2

Step 3

Turn the hook upside down and tie off some Crystal Flash, Flashabou (or similar material). This should be the same length as the tail.

Fly tying - Clouser Minnow - Step 3

Step 4

Over the flash material, tie another strap of bucktail hair. This should also be the same length as the tail. Even out the head, whip finish and cement.

Fly tying - Clouser Minnow - Step 4


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