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Krystal Popper

Any popper can fool a fish if it is moved correctly in the water surface. Yet, when we pause this movement and fish can see the fly up close, then a popper needs an extra lure to be more appealing. This is what the Krystal Popper has. The scales and glitter that Mylar tubes have really add a strong View more...
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Krystal Popper
List of materials
Tying MaterialsFoam poppers: White ones.Permanent marker: turquoise color.Thread: 3-0, white.Hook: long shank Daiichi sea hooks.Feathers: American Hackle cape, badger color.Cover: Mylar Tube.Epoxy: Devcon, 5 minute dry or similar.

Step 1

The way it should look when finished.

Fly tying - Krystal Popper - Step 1

Step 2

Make a tight base with the thread. Cement with some cyanoacrylate. Once dry, tie some flecta flash or flashabou longer than the feathers.

Fly tying - Krystal Popper - Step 2

Step 3

The length is that of the popper. Shorter can work too.

Fly tying - Krystal Popper - Step 3

Step 4

Choose four feathers and tie pairs of flash, concave side out. It’s similar to tying a streamer or tarpon fly.

Fly tying - Krystal Popper - Step 4

Step 5

Cover the hook with thread so its width fits the hole in the popper. Some poppers come with no hole. For these, sharpen a small screwdriver to make a hole, starting from the front. Not in the center, the hook must be as low as possible. It will have more stability and better sound when hitting the water. Tie the popper with cyanoacrylate and slide it. Gel cyanoacrylate gives us more time to work before drying. View more...

Fly tying - Krystal Popper - Step 5

Step 6

Once the popper is glued, paint it with the marker and let it dry.

Fly tying - Krystal Popper - Step 6

Step 7

Cut a mylar tube section and place it. It should fit tight but not break. Other materials like EZ bodies can work, but are harder and worst in the water.

Fly tying - Krystal Popper - Step 7

Step 8

Tie the mylar like a candy wrapper. First the front. Tie and cut the thread. Then tie at the back, the mylar should remain tight.

Fly tying - Krystal Popper - Step 8

Step 9

Use 5-minute epoxy to cover the popper up to the tail. In the front, cover up to the edge of the mouth. Use a lighter or hair dryer to heat up the epoxy as you rotate the fly with the vise. Let it stick and then let it dry.

Fly tying - Krystal Popper - Step 9

Step 10

After the epoxy is dry, use a cutter orscissors (my choice) to cut the remaining threads of the mylar.  Place holographic eyes and cover again withepoxy. Once dry, the Krystal Popper will be finished to give us great moments,when tying and in the water.

Fly tying - Krystal Popper - Step 10


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