El Impenetrable National Park


During 2014, a bill regarding a project for the creation of a new National Park in Argentina was passed. The park, located in the northern provinces of the country, was to be called El Impenetrable and the bill was approved after numerous actions had taken place. This is how 120000 hectares of endangered territories, previously threatened by forest exploitation and logging, entered the program of protection of national lands in Argentina. Thanks to the support of citizens, non-governmental organizations, private companies and the national government, the law was approved to protect in perpetuity the biodiversity of the Gran Chaco Americano lands, the world's largest subtropical dry forest and the most biodiverse one, home to numerous native families.

Fly fishing picture
Fly fishing picture


Fly dreamers organised the screening of Waypoints, the famed fly fishing movie by Confluence Films, doing a premiere event in one of the largest theaters in Buenos Aires, Argentina's capital city. The takings from the event that gathered the local fly-fishing community were given to the creation of the National Park and this was one of the relevant efforts that made the park project a reality.