Gustaf (Gus) Gustafsson

Iceland Husavik, Northeast, Iceland


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Gustaf (Gus) Gustafsson is a seasoned fly fisherman and guide. Working as a marketing consultant in Tourism, Gus enjoys escaping into the wilderness with enthusiastic fishermen when ever possible, where ever possible.

Iceland is a dream come true for fly fishermen. The breathtaking beauty of the water systems is only rivaled by the magnificent fish that occupy the rivers and lakes.

Whether it is a delicate dry-fly cast for a Brown in the North, the exciting hitch for the Atlantic Salmon in the West or an up-stream drift for the easily spooked Arctic Char in the highlands.

​Fishing is all about the experience. That joyful smile when lifting the trophy specimen out of the water or the disappointment when line snaps, these feelings are well k View more...


Arctic Char, Atlantic salmon, Brown trout

Spoken Languages

Dansk, English, Íslenska

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Husavik, Northeast, Iceland

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