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Though officially established in 1928, Cabin Bluff’s long and storied history starts more than a century before. After experiencing great success cultivating Sea Island Cotton, the Floyd family founded The Camden Hunt Club in 1827 on the property now known as Cabin Bluff. Often credited as being the first members-only hunting club in the US, the club hosted hunting parties, shooting competitions, horse and dug-out boat races (with purses upwards of $10,000), as well as balls and dinners for the region’s prominent plantation owners and their guests.

Soon after the Civil War the Floyd family abandoned their grand lifestyle and the lands reverted to great forests. The forests were part of extensive logging operations until they were purchased by automobile pioneer Howard E. Coffin in 192 View more...


Bluefish - Tailor - Shad, Redfish, Tarpon, Sea-Trout

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Georgia, United States