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Aunan is a farm in Grindal in the municipality of Rennebu in central Norway, about 1 hour and 15 minutes drive south of Trondheim. The name Aunan comes from the old norse word audr, which means deserted. Many places were given names deriving from this after The Black Death in 1347-1351. In other words, Aunan is a place with roots long back in history.

There is no farming at Aunan anymore, all productive land is leased out to neighboring farmers. Salmon fishing is the activity that sustains Aunan today. The salmon fishing concept is named Aunan Lodge, and 2004 was its first season in operation. Aunan Lodge is not located on the farm itself, but is built around some other buildings on the property down by the river.

The red main building on the picture is a converted potatoe store, which i View more...


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Sor Trondelag, Norway

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